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Design and Engineering

Industrial Design

With the ergonomic database which has been accumulated over 20 years and extensive experience, Sharptek’s industrial designers are good at visualizing clients’ ideas and also consider product aesthetics, usability and user interface to design innovative products with competitiveness efficiently.

Acoustic Design & Engineering

With micro speaker design, multi-driver technology, acoustic structure design, acoustic simulation and test capability, Sharptek’s acoustic engineers can fine-tune the sound of various headphones and portable products to achieve clients’ ideal sound quality.

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Sharptek’s mechanical engineers can provide complete mechanical design and mold design of a variety of headphones, speakers, components, accessories and packages.

Electronic Design & Integration

Sharptek’s hardware engineers can offer the optimized hardware solutions from IC & algorithm integration, antenna design, PCB circuit & layout design to final product certification.

System Integration

With extensive project experience, Sharptek can provide clients with total integrated solutions which contain industrial design, acoustic design, mechanical design, hardware design and package design.

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